Balancing all-road capabilities with performance, it’s the most versatile road bike out there.

Balancing all-road capabilities with performance, it’s the most versatile road bike out there.

The choice of riders who aren’t willing to be confined to one surface, the Roadmachine brings big tire capabilities to its proven endurance platform to make every ride better. Every early morning rollout more enjoyable. Every hunger knock more bearable. Every broken road smoother. On this go-anywhere road bike, performance-driven details and functional features combine to make sure that your every need is met.

Introducing the all-new BMC Roadmachine

Resetting the standard

Our BMC engineers have refined every possible element of the endurance formula to deliver unparalleled comfort for real-world riding experiences. Faster than ever yet versatile enough for almost all terrains, it’s time to reset the endurance bike standard.

All-road optimized

Crafting a road bike that’s optimized for 32–35 mm tires but still adaptable to 40 mm signifies progression. Given this fresh new perspective, we adjusted the geometry to maintain the essence of endurance: a short rear center, precise BB placement, and responsive front end for a swift performance. The outcome? A Roadmachine with peak smoothness and speed that can tackle any terrain.

Unmistakably Roadmachine

The combination of our D-shape seatpost, concealed downtube storage, a host of mounting points, a chain catcher and the option of multiple upgrade options, provides comprehensive integration, elevating your ride to a league of its own. Lightweight, practical, and dependable for year-round enjoyment in all conditions.

The new Roadmachine Collection Explained

Dive deeper into the all-new Roadmachine collection, where every aspect, from the Endurance Formula to all the tech details, is being explained. Our product experts go through all the elements that our bike engineers have relentlessly pursued over the years.

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Keep it rubber-side down

Optimized for the use of 32–35mm tires and with the ability to use 40mm tires for rough stuff, the Roadmachine’s big tire capabilities are an invitation to go beyond where the road ends with confidence.

Rough it out

From leaning into high-speed corners on tarmac to railing it down on the varying, unpredictable terrains of back-roads, the Roadmachine DNA including the new seat tube kink is the driver of the bike’s poised handling and peerless control on rough surfaces.

BMC integration

Be ready for whatever or wherever adventure brings you. Full fender compatibility, check. Downtube storage, check. Mounting points, check. Accessory integration options, check. Time to roll.