Roadmachine 01 X

The new benchmark for all-road bikes now unlocks gravel.

The new benchmark for all-road bikes now unlocks gravel.

More capable, more comfortable, more adventurous, and more fun, the Roadmachine 01 X is your invitation to go further, whatever the surface. A bike for those who choose to navigate light gravel and buttery smooth asphalt, this bike is a ride-it-all machine with precise BMC handling, performance and compliance. Equipped with discrete, dialled-in design features and a 1x drivetrain, this is the Roadmachine that you’ve always wanted and needed.

Introducing the all-new BMC Roadmachine

The X rated endurance formula

The BMC engineers have meticulously honed each aspect of the endurance equation to provide unparalleled comfort for real-world riding adventures, but now with an X factor, tuned to take you off road. Faster than ever and adaptable to almost all terrain. Forget your limits of the past and embrace the new cutting-edge standard.


Engineering a road bike with the capability to take 40 mm tires represents evolution in what we imagined possible, but it also required a rethink. With bigger wheels, we tweaked the geometry to in order to stick to the endurance formula: a short rear center, perfect BB placement, an agile front end for fast riding with perfect handling, and the perfect complement, our MTT suspension stem. The result: A smooth and fast Roadmachine that is as ride-it-all as it gets.

Function meets integration

The integrated bar with stem solutions, D-shape seatpost, built-in downtube storage under the Integrated Bottle Cage, mounting points, and chain catcher deliver all the integration needed to elevate your ride into a class of its own. Lightweight, functional, reliable. For 12 months a year of having it all, whatever the conditions.

The new Roadmachine Collection Explained

Dive deeper into the all-new Roadmachine collection, where every aspect, from the Endurance Formula to all the tech details, is being explained. Our product experts go through all the elements that our bike engineers have relentlessly pursued over the years.

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A kink for compliance?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Expanding upon the original kinked seatstays found on the Granfondo, this all-new design improves compliance and comfort at the rear of the bike. When matched with the damping found in the seat post and seat tube, this Roadmachine allows you to enjoy every surface for longer.

Numbers matter

The BMC engineers in our renowned Impec Lab made use of their expert understanding of composite layups in order to create the Roadmachine’s sub-1kg frameset (size 54) with supreme, data-proven compliance and torsional stiffness for a bike that’s not only comfortable but also remarkably fast, while also being incredibly capable.

Let there be light

Safety isn't just an optional extra; it's essential. Our sleek integrated rear light seamlessly fits with the D-shape seatpost within the tube for a compact design, reiterating the BMC design integration language. Always ride with peace of mind, whether on road or off.

Storage solution

Details matter, always, and that’s exactly what has gone into creating an aerodynamic yet fully functional storage solution for the Roadmachine. Not immediately visible but wait until you twist the dial on the downtube’s bottle cage. Sleek, integrated, performance-driven design.