Uba’s BMC Twostroke: ‘the ideal ultra-cycling companion’

Uba’s BMC Twostroke: ‘the ideal ultra-cycling companion’

Ulrich Bartholmeus, also known as Uba, is an iconic figure in the world of ultra-cycling. Uba secured victory in last year’s Tour Divide, a 4417-kilometer-long gravel race, nearly breaking the course record. “For ultra-cycling events like the Tour Divide, around 20% of the performance is within my own control. The other 80% is external, such as trail conditions, weather, and more. The BMC Twostroke 01 plays a vital role in that 20%.”

Undoubtedly, bikepack racing stands out as the most demanding form of ultra-endurance cycling discipline globally. In this challenging pursuit, participants face the absence of support vehicles, teammates, course markings, and assistance in case of injuries, making it a truly solitary and arduous endeavor.

Relying on equipment is of utmost importance, and one of the greatest ultra-cyclists of this era, Uba, realizes that significance. The German Tour Divide winner’s preferred companion for these kinds of huge races in terms of distance and fame is the BMC Twostroke 01. “Only around 20% can I actively influence, prepare for, and train for. The BMC Twostroke significantly contributes to that 20% within my control – it is my ideal ultra-racing companion.” 

Uba says that BMC’s Twostroke excels with 40 to 45 mm tires. “I would not prefer anything else in terms of comfort, especially during ultra-cycling events like the Tour Divide.”

The German powerhouse also mentions that a BMC Fourstroke is ‘not needed for ultra-cycling events’ as one ‘does not need full suspension. “Therefore, the Twostroke is the ideal choice: it is super lightweight, with a very performance-oriented geometry.”

In 2024, Uba targets the ‘triple crown,’ aiming to prolong his Tour Divide - ‘the mother of all bikepacking races’ - title, followed by winning the Colorado trail (870 kilometers) and Arizona trail (1290 kilometers). If he manages to win them all, it would be a historical achievement in the world of ultra-cycling. "I will race them, again, on the BMC Twostroke 01.”

To prepare optimally for such massive challenges, Uba allocates 80% of his training to the road, using the Teammachine 01, BMC’s leading road bike. The German believes that the road ‘suits better for structured, more efficient training’. “Thanks to the constant surface, without interruptions or rocky sections like on off-road terrain, one can more consistently follow a training scheme,” he says.

“I also have a BMC Kaius, which allows me to have more comfort than the Teammachine and – above all – go off-road. I do take the Kaius for easier spins and gravel; however, I prefer taking the Twostroke 01 out of my garage when I am looking for more technical gravel and trails.”

Uba says that the Twostroke was born for cross-country racing and is mostly used as a racing machine. “However, it also shows that its geometry and reliability are just perfect for ultra-cycling. It is versatile and performance-oriented, an all-around option for any kind of performance-oriented offroad event.”